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  • Model No: XSZ-2006B
45mm DIN Achromatic Objective:10X,100X(S, Oil)
Metallurgical Plan-scope Achromatic Objective:40X(S)
Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece:WF10X,WF12.5X
Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece with 0.1mm Cross Micrometer:WF10X
Micro-ruler:0.01mm/scale Total Magnification:100X-1250X
Articulated Free Binocular Head,Interpupillary Distance:55-75mm,45º Inclined
Double Layers Mechanical Stage(200X180mm)with Two Plates(Ø10 and Ø20mm)
Moving Range X-Y:70X50mm
Coaxial Coarse And Fine Focusing Adjustable Mechanism by Rack and Pinion with Tension Adjustment and Stage Height Limited Knob
Focusing Range:25mm;Precision:0.002mm
Built-in Adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp 6V/20W and Kohlar Illumination System with Blue
Green,Yellow and Ground Glass Filters
Package: Each Set in styrofoam box,1box to 1 Carton
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